What are the major stereotypes people have about Trinidad and Tobago and to what extent are they true?

Trinidad and Tobago Stereotypes
Trinidad and Tobago Stereotypes

There are a bunch of stereotypes in Trinidad and Tobago. Where doesn’t?

Our own starts with custome service is bad. I’m sorry. I am a Trinidadian and Inthink that our customer service is the worst I have ever experienced and I think you have to be beyond shitty to top how ridiculous we are. But in all fairness a lot of people from the West Indies and other countries actually flock to Trinidad for employment so Trinidadians aren’t exactly at fault.
Another is that you can get robbed easily.

Look, you can get robbed easy anywhere is the damn world. The only thing with here is if you flashy and showing off expect for it to Be stolen. Men in this country because it’s mainly men that do the stealing have no job and are like dirt ass poor so they steal to get things that they like or they steal to sell to get a source of income. This is only because since the job availability is low and there are barely any jobs available.

That we party all day. We do We really do. For absolutely no reason. And I am not even joking. Any day of the week we party. Well it’s technically called “liming”. So like your friends will call you to go like and whatever.

A lot of people stereotype Trinidadians as having a carnival mentality. That is only looking for a party and to have a good time.

Trinidad and Tobago Stereotypes
Trinidad and Tobago Stereotypes

We are indeed religious people. We might not go to our respective church when we supposed to but like we might go for the most important festivities.

“All ah we is one family” which isn’t so true that I cannot even stress it if I wanted to. trinidad is a multicultural society. So we celebrate everything from every single ethnicity. In particular the African culture and the Indian culture. We even celebrate Eid. So we ban together and we celebrate with each other.

The steelpan or as you outsiders say, the steeldrum was born and bred in Trinidad. Nowhere else but none other than on the top of those Laventille hills. It’s just known as “The Caribbean’s Instrument” which is unfair because give credit where credit is due. We have the Mecca of pan. No other pannist could be as amazing as a TrinidadIan pannist. And that really irks me that a white man trademark it or whatever. It’s us who invented it and it is our baby. Listening to our anthem on our instrument sometimes makes me a little emotional but that is okay.

That is basically it. We are beatifully rude and weirdly amazing. But that is what makes us who we are. People come and experience thebwaybwe live our life. It’s fun. I promise you.


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