First of all I would like to say that one day I’ll go to Russia! I don’t know why, how or when… but I WILL!

When we talk about russian stereotypes, often is: Winter, Vodka and Bears.

You’ve probably heard a lot of “facts”, myths and stereotypes about Russia. Find out which Russian “stereotypes” are actually true!

The Russian Federation Map
The Russian Federation Map


  • All the Russians are Soviets (that is probably by far the largest stereotype).
  • All the Russian hate Americans.
  • All the Russians are spies.
  • There are only 2 seasons in Russia: winter, and nuclear winter
  • Russia is the world’s largest vodka republic
  • Most of Russians do not drink water, only vodka.
  • In Russia there are not ugly girls, it just depends on how much vodka you drunk.
  • There are no Russian women, only Russian men without penises.
  • Russian women are gorgeous and they are available for sale throughout the internet and you can buy your own one as a souvenir (even if you haven’t been to the country!) by typing “free screensavers” into Google!
  • Russian food is bad even for British standards.
  • Everyone know and sing the very popular song Katyusha.
  • All the Russians play gymnastics, wrestling, boxe and have very large bodies.
  • In Russia there is an organized crime (the rise of Russian and former Soviet mobsters with the collapse of the Soviet Union).
  • In Russia everyone is atheist.
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