Before try to read this article-tutorial, try to remember that Bulgarian women are cheerful, active, beautiful. They adequately represent the Slavic people at beauty contests. And the most important, beautiful Bulgarians always cause men’s admiration: the main judges of effective female appearance. Girls and women from Bulgaria have their particular shape, facial features. And most of them corresponds to standard characteristics. But, thanks to the active migration of peoples, the constant movement of people from one country to another, the appearance of Bulgarian women is becoming more diverse.

If you really want to get trouble with Bulgarian women, you just need to follow these 7 simple tips.

1. Try to get their drunk.

Quite a few guys have tried to get drunk a Bulgarian woman on a date, thinking she will become easy and spread their legs wide open on the influence of the fermented juice in their blood. But you see, Bulgarian women are introduced to alcohol in their teenage years, long before they turned legal age, so their livers are immune to it. When they are about twelve, their parents used to teach them how to drink and know their limits to avoid dealing with accidentaly-pregnant-after-unconscious-sex situations. No, you won’t have intercourse with them just because you got their a little tipsy. Worst than this, you’ll make their hate you.

2. Call them “kifla.”

Kifla is the Bulgarian equivalent of the French croissant with filling and it is a word they use for women who put way too much effort into looking good. Spoiled, self-absorbed women don’t have faces and names. They are just kifli (plural of kifla). Any real Bulgarian woman will be offended if you imply she reminds you of а pastry filled with marmalade.

3. Let them be the man.

A lot of them grew up in conditions of scarcity and hardship which made them self-reliant and mentally strong. You can often see the average Bulgarian woman carrying heavy bags, shoveling snow, drilling walls and changing light bulbs at home. They work hard for their money and they love being independent. They can do a lot of things without you, but this doesn’t mean you have to let them do them, unless you want to piss them off. If this is your goal, then ask them to financially support you while you are unemployed and not even looking for a job. Let them do all the work at the office and then come back to a hill of dirty dishes, trash and stinky laundry they have to clean. Sooner or later you will watch them throw your things off the grey Soviet tower block’s balcony.

4. Say that our place is in the kitchen.

Unless you are talking to a professional chef, stating they are nothing more than kitchen material is a sure way to spend the next few hours having dinner all by your sexist self. They have heard this statement countless times from Bulgarian guys and they are sick of it. They don’t mind cooking a nice dinner for you, but if you appreciate them only with your burping stomach and dirty socks, don’t expect them to be overexcited about having sex with you after dessert.

5. Ask if this is our natural hair.

When in Bulgaria, you will encounter many women with long, thick beautiful hair and in times you will wonder if this is a natural look. They are a heterogeneous mass of blondes, brunettes and Snowwhites with jet-black curly hair and super pale skin. It really annoys me when people ask me if I dye my hair or if it is naturally this long and curly. It undermines all these hard efforts I put to make sure my hair looks good and healthy in its natural state. And it doesn’t matter if they look like they have spent half a day at the beauty saloon or if you see extension clips sticking out. They just want to have beautiful looking hair. Go ahead, ask the real or fake question and see what happens next. I dare you.

6. Show zero emotion.

They often refer to people who don’t show any emotion as ‘wood’ (durvo). Wood is plain static. It just sits there and does nothing. They don’t like to date or hang out with wood. In our culture, people are very passionate, temperamental and hearty, and this is especially true for women. Expect them to open up our world for you shortly after they meet. You will feel as though you have known them for ages. But if you close yourself and don’t react to us showering you with sunshiny smiles, then you will have some serious competition to beat – the wooden rawer in our bedroom, that is.

7. Chicken out.

They just met a beautiful, smart, strong and tender Bulgarian woman. Don’t panic – breathe in, breathe out. Probably the biggest turn off is to show interest and then chicken out because of fear or prejudice. I know, this article is not helping you and you feel even more insecure and on edge after reading this. Women are complicated all over the world and Bulgarian women are no exception. I feel for you. So this is me, giving you a virtual tap on the shoulder, telling you to relax. After all, Bulgarian women have great sense of humor and they try not to take ourselves too seriously. And they are just as nervous about meeting you as you are.

Now, you have to choose. Or have a amazing woman by your side or have a horrible woman chasing and hating you.

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  1. Ah no! There is eight way to be chase by angry Bulgarian woman – when beautiful woman ask if she is most classy girl you have ever met, say no!


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