How americans see Europe. Read this article and check it out.

All europeans are obsessed with soccer

Iceland: Volcano, Weird Language, Hot Blondes, Bad Guys in Mighty Ducks

Norway : Vikings turned fishermen, Sweeden: Home of the Pirate Bay, Socialism, Elin & her twin, the word ‘ya’

Ireland: Red Hair, Alchoholics, Potatoes, The Color Green, U2

UK Scotland, Braveheart, Everyone wears Kilts, Haggis, Golf

Denmark : They make LEGOs and wear Wooden Shoes

Nehterlands: Drugs, Hookers, Drugged out Hookers

Russia : Communism , hackers, vodka, Anna Kournikova

Belgium : Chocolate, National Mascot is a kid taking a piss

France: Snobby, French Bread, Wine, Can’t win a war, Short Leaders

Germany : Beer, Shiza Videos, Nazis, Sauerkraut, Shitty Food

Poland : Polish Jojes, Not Very Intelligent

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Belarus : Those Are Countries?

Portugal : It’s not spain?

Spain: Bulls, Hot Chicks

Monaco : Frace Kelly, Casinos

Switzerland: Rich, Secretive, Alps, Ill-Gotten Bank Accounts

Austria : Little Germany, Lots of Mountains, Classical Music

Czech Republic: Beer! Cheap Hookers… Beer!

Vatican City : Pope, Child Molestations, The Da Vinci Code

Italy : Mafia, Spaghetti,Gladiator, Super Mario

Slovenia : Isn’t that an eletronics maker?

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Croatia : Lots of Organized Crime, Went to War

Bulgaria : Aren’t they part of Russia?

Greece : Home of Gyro, Country totally broke

Ukraine : Chernobyl, Erveryone’s Rude

Moldova: Doesn’t exist, never heard of it

Romania : Vampites that don’t Sparkle, Mail orders Brides

Hungary : No, thank you, I just ate.


How americans see Europe
How americans see Europe
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  1. I’m sorry but saying Poland has low IQ is not even near a stereotype as that’s just racist , secondly saying Estonia ,Lativa , Lithuania, Slovakia and Belarus are not even a country is so ironic as it shows how little IQ Americans have if that’s what they believe is true

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