Guest Post

Can you tell us about your national stereotype without get offended? If you think you can do it, here it goes how you can create a guest post here.

National Stereotype
National Stereotype

What is a Guest Post

Guest posting  is a method that allows you to write a post to appear on another person’s blog (in this case, in our blog) so you can identify yourself in your post (if you want) and you’re allowed to post your personal link (personal site or blog). It will help you to increase your blog traffic and help us to share national stereotypes around the internet.

How the posts work

  • We are not interessed in offend the people with a fake purpose, everything is based in a collective imagination;
  • You can start talking about what do you know about them (or your people)
  • What do you think are their stereoypes
  • Your reasearch on internet about that National Stereotype (Greek, Mexican, American, Portuguese…)
  • A list with common jokes that are memmes on Internet (Meanwhile in…. / Gags…)
  • Our images are better visualized with width 600px.
  • Try to be clear, use a lot of images to help you


The Rules

  • I’ll exclude the posts that are offensive without pre-warning;
  • Don’t post nothing about sexual content nor racial insult without context;


Any doubt you can contact me, and remember this is about NATIONAL STEREOTYPES, and not CITY STEREOTYPES…

So if you want to share your knowlegde with us, send us an email with the content and your contacts to [email protected]

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