Bulgarian stereotypes

Honestly I’ve never heard about Bulgarian stereotypes before… The commons terms associated were : Harry Potter, and the England Vs. Bulgaria Quidditch match, or by Romanians the Bulgarian people are thieves, and to others they are slavic and orthodox.

But what do you think are the major stereotypes about Bulgaria that you as foreigners or Bulgarians have encountered around the world, among the public or among international media? Have you found those to be generally true or generally false?  Are the stereotypes the key to Bulgaria’s generally bad image abroad?

Bulgarian stereotypes
Bulgarian stereotypes

Bulgarian Guys

Bulgarian guys are probably not at the top of your list of desirable European men worth checking out.

Whilst most men would agree that Bulgarian women have a reputation for being sultry sex-kittens, strangely not many women say similar things about East European men.

But why is this?

Somewhat unfairly, this is probably due to the stereotypical Balkan male being portrayed as misogynistic, macho, aggressive, built like a truck, and about as sensitive as the average brick.

Meanwhile in Bulgaria. Man pull a car with his penis
Meanwhile in Bulgaria. Man pulls a car with his penis

However, it is very unfair to make such sweeping generalisations about the entire population of Bulgarian males and the vast majority of Bulgarian guys are nothing like many of their Balkan cousins.

So unless you have a particular penchant for tall, blond, Swedish types, then you really should consider them!

The culture in Bulgaria dictates that men and women have equal rights and in most households the man does his share and treats his other half with respect.

On the whole, family life is very important to most Bulgarian men.

Bulgarian Folk Dance
Bulgarian Folk Dance

The macho chauvinistic behaviour commonly seen in many Mediterranean countries—where women are allowed less freedom than their male counterparts—tends not to be found in Bulgaria.

The only possible exception to this rule lies in remote outlying communities cut off from modern civilisation, so if Neanderthal man is your type, head out into the mountains of Bulgaria and you should have no problem meeting him!

Like many East European men, Bulgarian guys can be possessive and jealous, but they can also be sensitive, good natured, and loyal.

Bulgarian pistol attack 'was stunt' Gunman reportedly wanted to show politician he was 'not untouchable', while some suggest whole incident was staged.
Bulgarian pistol attack ‘was stunt’. Gunman reportedly wanted to show politician he was ‘not untouchable’, while some suggest whole incident was staged.

Unlike the majority of western men, they are respectful to women and hold good manners in high regard.

If you are used to guys who say all of the right things without meaning a word of it, are so out of touch with their emotions that holding a meaningful conversation with them is like pulling fingernails off, then prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Cast away your cynical disillusionment and embrace the typical Bulgarian male (not literally!) for he is tough, strong, sensitive, passionate, and smart.

Bulgarian men are well worth your time if you want to be treated like a lady. In the company of a Bulgarian man, you can enjoy the novel sensation of being treated like a princess.

They are not too different from Bulgarian girls who like courtship and romance.

Bulgarians aren't Turks (or are they?)
Bulgarians aren’t Turks (or are they?)


The most common Bulgarian Stereotypes

  1. Survive on tomato
  2. Cucumber and goat cheese only
  3. Colorful traditions
  4. Natural
  5. Open-minded
  6. Skiers or sun-worshipers
  7. Open, warm and kind people
  8. Traditional
  9. Let bears dance on fire
  10. Skilled craftsmen, farmers and artisans
  11. Nationalists
  12. “Catastrophic” social consciousness
  13. Tolerant
  14. Feeble religiousness
  15. Lack of fanaticism
  16. Condescending attitude
  17. Curiosity and openness to the “otherness”
  18. Anxious
  19. Fearful
  20. Efficient
  21. Accurate
  22. Precise
  23. Hardworking
  24. Disciplined
  25. Clever
  26. Highly qualified
  27. Drama kings and queens
  28. Overly suspicious
Bulgaria enjoys a temperate climate with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters, often with heavy snow
Bulgaria enjoys a temperate climate with hot, dry summers and cold, wet winters, often with heavy snow
Skiers or sun-worshipers
Skiers or sun-worshipers
Curiosity and openness to the “otherness”
Curiosity and openness to the “otherness”
Bulgarian drinking
Bulgarian drinking
"Catastrophic" social consciousness
“Catastrophic” social consciousness

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