Trinidad and Tobago Stereotypes

Trinidad and Tobago Stereotypes

What are the major stereotypes people have about Trinidad and Tobago and to what extent are they true? There are a bunch of stereotypes in Trinidad and Tobago. Where doesn't? Our own starts with custome service...
Canadian Stereotypes

Canadian Stereotypes

What do you know about the canadians? They are extremely polite, they are hockey lovers, is the land of Justin Bieber, and bear is like their pets. Now we show you some of more typical...
Myriam Hernández

Chilean Stereotypes

Some stereotypes about chileans say that they drink cheap wine mixed with powder juice. Chileans have too many good meat dishes. Even a vegetarian has to eat meat there... Actually, Chileans are quite different from...
Marijuana is still illegal. Thinkstock

The 7 Most Common Caribbean Myths and Stereotypes

The Caribbean is a vibrant collection of people, cultures, sights and sounds. Yet those various layers of the region are often lost behind inaccurate stereotypes. Before National Caribbean-American Heritage Month concludes, let’s unravel some myths...
6 mexican stereotypes

6 mexican stereotypes

Mexicans have a unique culture of their own. Does anyone know some good stereotypes about mexicans? So let's tell you some of typical Mexican Stereotypes.   1. All Mexicans eat chilli! Totally wrong! There are some Mexicans who...
Canadian Vandalism

Hilarious Photos That Perfectly Describe Canada

Have you ever been in Canada? I'm sure that you have to visit it! It's one of most special country in the world, and for sure, I'm not talking this because they exported Justin...
Portrait of a boy with the flag of Bolivia painted on his face.

The World in 2 Minutes : Bolivia

The World In 2 Minutes is a series of videos originally started by YouTube-user WOKlTOKl. Original description: "The World In 2 Minutes describes different cultures, and how eccentric they are.We took the greatest videos...
World’s sexiest nationalities

World’s sexiest nationalities according to Americans

A survey voted on by Americans has picked out British men and Colombian women as the world’s sexiest, with the top 10 nations on each list dominated by Europe and South America. British men will...
Reasons to date a brazilian woman

Top 10 reasons to date a brazilian woman

I'm so suspicious to talk about that, but I can tell you a thing: There's no woman as brazilian woman. You can ask around, there isn’t any man alive that doesn’t love a Brazilian girl....
What's Behind Mt. Rushmore? And the answer is.....

Mount Rushmore Like You’ve Never Seen Before

The Americans are so smart to keep their history alive. One examplo is the Mount Rushmore. Mount Rushmore National Memorial is visited by nearly three million people each year that come to marvel at the...

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