6 peruvian stereotypes that all foreigners think are be true

One of the most beautiful and incredibly countri of South America is Peru. An untouchable culture that make them proud. The Inca's Empiror. was the major empire of pre-Colombian America. Their administrative, political and...

How to Speak Brazilian (with Pictures)

Oi! Tudo bem? This is a simple way to start a conversation with brazilians. The many Brazilian Portuguese basic expressions are quite similar to Spanish but most people don’t realize that Brazilians can understand...
Brazilian Women at a Party in Sao Paulo / Photo Eduardo Enomoto/ R7

Why are Brazilian women so gorgeous and hot?

Wrote by Truth inside Brazil I decided to write this post after reading several posts about why Brazilian women are so beautiful, or so hot, or top reasons to get married to a Brazilian...
How Brazilians study geography

How Brazilians study geography

Believe it or not, all Brazilian athletes are good at soccer. For sure you can see someone that disagree. Brazil’s geography is a fascinating one. As the home of the acclaimed Amazon Rainforest, as...
national stereotypes that drive a American woman crazy

40 national stereotypes that drive an American woman crazy

Let me take you on a trip. A trip throughout The United State of America, where the only risk you will face is falling in love and wanting to move there. Lets start with...
Sweet Home Alabama / Photo: Alby Headrick

7 surefire tips to you ruin your first date with American girls from Alabama

The most commons of American women stereotypes point that they’re fat, they’re constantly glued to their phone, they cut their hair short, they’re more impressed by a crappy DJ than a doctor who saves...
All Colombian Women Look Like This

10 Colombian Stereotypes that All Colombians Can’t Stand Hearing

Colombia has been declared “the happiest country in the world” on several occasions. But there are certainly plenty of things that make us Colombianos less than happy, like being asked if we carry coke...
Colombian Stereotypes

When I think of Colombia I first think of…

Traveling to Colombia can be exciting (and not in all the stereotypical ways you might think). The country offers a variety of climates and scenery, as well a diversity of amazing cities. So what...

15 Ridiculous Things People Say When They Find Out You’re Brazilian

By Gabriela Kruschewsky Upon sharing our culture and nationality with someone new, the responses can sometimes surprise us. Be it comical or ignorant, there’s almost always something to take away from these exchanges. Brazilians are widely...
Mexican Stereotypes

Some more of Mexican Stereotypes

Let's continue stereotyping the world. Again, we are aiming in Mexico and Mexican stereotypes! So let me start with less controversial and well received stereotypes and then gradually move on to the more offensive...

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