Colombia has been declared “the happiest country in the world” on several occasions. But there are certainly plenty of things that make us Colombianos less than happy, like being asked if we carry coke at all times 😒. Wanna see Colombianos smile again? Then stay clear of these stereotypes…


All Colombians Sound the Same

Few things are more annoying than having complete strangers say you don’t sound Colombian because you don’t have that accent. News flash: we’re not all from the same region.

All Colombian Women Look Like This

All Colombian Women Look Like This
All Colombian Women Look Like This

Colombian women come on all shapes and sizes, including ladies of Afro and indigenous descendent. Oh yeah, not all of us got boob jobs for our quinces either.

Colombians are Addicted to Coffee


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I know this might come as a shock to most, but just because Colombia is the third largest producer of coffee in the world, it doesn’t mean every Colombiano loves it. There are plenty of other delicious beverages in the country including tea and aguapanela (if you don’t know what it is, look it up).

Every Colombian is a Drug Dealer

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Every Colombian is a Drug Dealer like Pablo Escobar
Every Colombian is a Drug Dealer like Pablo Escobar

Everyone knows who Pablo Escobar is. However, what he isn’t is a fair representation of all Colombians. Not everyone in the country is a coke trafficker, coke farmer, coke mule or drug lord. Also, shocking fact, coke is not legal in Colombia.

Colombian Women are Easy


Have you heard of the term friendly? That’s what people from Colombia are, both men and women. Because we use terms of endearment like “baby” and “love,” doesn’t mean we’re trying to get into everyone’s pants.
Colombians are Only Good at Fútbol

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While Colombia made it to the 2014 World Cup and played fairly well (James Rodriguez is like a God), soccer is not the only sport Colombians dominate. Catherine Ibargüen from Apartadó, Colombia is a Summer Olympics medalist in the high jump; tennis player Marianna Duque from Bogotá high rank sits at 90 worldwide and Rigoberto Urán won second place in the 2014 Giro D’Italia.

Every Colombian Abuses Cocaine

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You want to be careful with this one. Remember former UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Nicolette van Dam? Her offensive tweet of the “Colombian wall,” which made an allusion to Colombian national soccer team members James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao snorting cocaine, led to millions of very upset Colombians – and a resignation on her part.

Colombia is a Third-World Country Where Tourists Get Kidnapped


Have I mentioned we’re a happy country? This above is a better representation of who we are. Sing it, Carlos!

Colombians are Only Made of Mulatos Dancing Salsa


We sure love to dance, but there’s much more to us than just salsa dancers. Have you heard of vallenato?

Colombia = Guerrillas and Paramilitaries


Wrong! We’re great food, amazing music, incredibly charming people, great cities, amazing beaches. Colombia is not all mass media makes it out to be.

Colombia is a Caribbean Country

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There are paradise-like beach destinations to visit in both the Atlantic and Pacific coast, but you can’t go to Bogota wearing flip flops and get mad because it’s not a tropical weather. The city is 2,600 meters above sea level! Pull out your Almanac and get to studying.

Every Colombian is a Party Animal


Colombians have a reputation of being high energy, music lovers, great dancers and extremely sociable individuals. That might be true to some extent, it doesn’t mean we party every night and arrive hungover to work and school the next morning.

Colombian Food is Spicy because All Latin Food is Spicy, Duh


Not true. As a matter of fact the only Latin American country that loves chile so much they add it to literally everything is Mexico.

Colombianos, what’s the most annoying stereotype you’ve heard? National Stereotypes wants to know. Let us know in the comments below.

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